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Our services include, but are not limited to:

- International assignments are welcome.

We are well traveled and are quite familiar with the variations in the motion picture business found from country to country. We look forward to inquiries from anywhere in the world.

- General theatre business planning and consulting.

Oberleitner Associates are prepared to assist small enterprises in need of very basic start-up requirements including government form filing, accounting systems, zoning codes, etc. For small to medium sized companies we offer expertise in all areas of cinema operation, renovation and remodeling, marketing and management. There are no duties too small or too large for our capabilities

- Design, construction, renovation.

Whether your plan is to add an additional auditorium, remodel a lobby area, sub-divide a location into a multiplex facility or the complete renovation of an historic site, attention to detail is the key factor. We always try to keep the goals and dreams of the renovator, as well as the original builder, in mind. Historic renovation projects are very special opportunities to revive aging, often fragile, buildings of major historical significance. Therefore, the common goal is to maintain the building's historic aesthetic flair while dealing with the structural demands and budget restrictions established for your project. We work closely with your construction/renovation team, artisans and architects to produce an end result in which all can take pride.

- Equipment selection.

Keeping up to date with new cinematic technology, keeping the public happy and keeping your business in a profitable mode can be a difficult juggling act. Our expertise in selecting the correct concession and projection/sound equipment for your theatre can save you time and money. We are not affiliated with any specific suppliers: therefore, our only goal is to assure that your facility is equipped in the most practical way possible.

- Professional business services.

Selecting the correct booker/buyer for your project as well as integrating the services of attorneys, architects, accountants and other professionals can be a daunting task. The wrong decision can, and does, cost you time and money. The cinema business is very unique in many ways, familiarizing your professional team with the specific nuances of the entertainment business and establishing a professional dialog between you and them is very important. We are a leader in these delicate, yet crucial, matters. In addition, booking and buying films is the heart of the success or failure of your business. While we do not book or buy films ourselves, we can put you in contact with caring professional agencies that have a reputation for care, service and professionalism.

- Staff and management training.

All too often we have seen beautiful facilities and viable businesses seriously hampered by insufficiently trained and/or poorly supervised staffs. Whether your staff is paid or volunteer, we pride ourselves in training both staff and management in the basics of their duties, customer care and service and even some of the historical and nostalgic background of the industry. The goal is courteous, well trained; knowledgeable staffs that those in charge can be assured are representing the facility to the best of their ability!

- Concession/food sales, program development.

We have come a long way since the day of a theatre concession stand comprised of a few candy selections and a couple sizes of popcorn. The audience of today demands and expects a wide range of products including traditional theatre favorites, whole and fresh fruits and foods, gourmet coffee and tea products, frozen novelties, sandwiches, and perhaps even light meals, full bar services in some instances, and even novelty, souvenir items. The proper selection, preparation and merchandising of these products and service are major factors in the success of any cinema theatre project. We are fully prepared to assist in this evolving, complex area.

- SBA development plans and IRS (501c3) for non-profits.

Stadium seating, digital projection and an ever demanding clientele are stretching theatre owners to the maximum. We have the experience and expertise to create the documents and presentations needed to make requests of investors, the SBA, and banks to assist you in maintaining your theatre at the highest level possible.

Many classic theatres are now remaining open, and in many cases thriving, under the direction of a non-profit group. The paperwork alone in establishing your non-profit organization can be daunting at the least. Not only can Oberleitner Associates Consulting assist in the development of the complicated federal forms required to establish a non-profit status, we assist in the structuring of your organization, development of a core of officers and trustees and volunteers, all with a common goal in sight. We assist in establishing a dialog with attorneys and accountants and other professionals as well as developing a solid communication with the media and other sources of public information. In short, we've been there and know the shortcuts and pitfalls!

- Consultation with booking services, accountants, architects and other professionals.

The difference between profit and loss can rest with the right professional team and their dedication to your project and dreams. Film booking services are a specialized industry, and we have the right contacts to successfully book profit-making entertainment.

-Advertising and promotion.

In other words, “creating the magic,” Remember those special “magic” moments you felt going to an amusement park, a Broadway play, a special movie or a special evening out. That is precisely the feeling you want every person to feel every time they come to your facility. They should feel excited and happy the moment they come on your property! It’s easy to just open the doors, heat some popcorn and turn on the movie. Creating magic and memories is another matter indeed. We help create the magic!

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