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What people say about Oberleitner Associates

"I have known and worked with Mr. John (Jack) Oberleitner for over thirty-five (35) years. During this time period we together have researched, planned and executed a number of motion picture theatre projects throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. His creative management skills, prudence and dedication to problem solving have been a principal contribution to the success of many such projects. He has served as an Officer and/or Board Member, and sometimes investor (as well as an advisor to me) for corporations engaged in the acquisition, operation and renovation of more than six (6) movie theatre multiplexes. Needless to say, I would credit him immeasurably with our success in these projects."

- Louis P. Silverman, Esq. • Port Matilda, PA • (814) 237-3606

“Jack Oberleitner is the best of the best! He’s bright and ambitious. He did wonders with some of our theatres…My highest recommendation. Give him a chance and he’ll make money for you. I guarantee it!”

- George Stern (1985), Associated/Cinemette Theatres, Pittsburgh, PA

“Jack Oberleitner is somewhat of a pioneer in the movie industry.  From single screen theatres to the multiplex, all have been his forte, from the palaces we once had to the multi-screen theatres of today.  He has excelled in all phases of the business, from promotion and advertising, restoration and planning to the final execution, he’s the best!”

- Paul Simendinger, Retired Theatre Executive, (PA, FL) 1944 to 1989

“Jack Oberleitner (Oberleitner Associates Consulting) comes highly recommended.  Mr. Oberleitner has extensive business experience and is very creative.  He can be counted on to progress tasks assigned and complete them on time.  He has a keen marketing sense, and the rare aptitude to test new ideas and test strategies.  I am able to discuss my successful working relationship with Mr. Oberleitner.  Call me anytime at 330-494-5504.”

- Paul “Chip” Klingaman, Executive Director, Suarez Corporation Industries, North Canton, OH • (330) 494-5504

“Jack Oberleitner has a very comprehensive knowledge of the theater industry. He can provide answers and options to a multitude of questions, problems, obstacles about financial matters, equipment, building renovation and much, much more. He is a tremendous, on-going asset to our non-profit cinema group. Without Jack, we could have never received our IRS 501 c 3 status. I recommend him very highly."

- Linda Leas, Executive Director, Nouveau Cinema Group, Inc., Dayton, OH • (937) 253-9448

“The best management person I ever worked with…a real promoter!”

- John Hogan, Cinema 5, State College, PA

“I already knew he was a showman … then he showed up one day with ELEPHANTS in front of our theatre, WOW! “

- Wm. Frankhauzer, Rivoli Theatre, Altoona, PA

"Jack Oberleitner is a real innovator! It has always been a pleasure and a learning experience working with Jack over the years in film exhibition." 

- Philip H. Chakeres, President, Chakeres Theatres, Inc. • (937) 323-6447

“Jack…we learned more from you in two days than we have in the previous 20 years…it’s no wonder your theatres have always been successful! !”

- C. and W. Fugate, 3C Entertainment, Inc., KY • (606) 438-0528

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