Oberleitner Associates Cinema Consultants

Oberleitner Associates Cinema Consultants

A Word About Pricing and Availability

While ostensibly retired, Jack Oberleitner and his associates still work with a limited number of special clients.

For instance, we are currently working with The Historic Warner Cascade Theatre Museum, western Pennsylvania, and the Mall At Marathon – Galleria 11 Cinema, Nassau, The Bahamas.

The former is dedicated to the re-building and revitalization of the Warner Brothers very first theatre which opened in 1907. The latter is an extensive renovation and rejuvenation program of a major Caribbean shopping and entertainment center.

Because all projects are unique, we prefer to develop a completely customized program and price for each client with whom we work. We offer a FREE, half hour, initial telephone consultation. Additional telephone consulting is billed at US $ 200 per hour.

Jack Oberleitner is a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines, trade journals, public and commercial broadcast services. Inquiries from media representatives are very welcome.

As an author and non-profit organizer, Jack Oberleitner has over 1,000 speaking engagements to his credit. We accept a limited number of speaking engagements on various topics including, film and movies, entertainment trends, veterans and disability issues and the creative experience. Those seeking a keynote or special event speaker are encouraged to contact us.


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